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Menschenrechte auf Islamisch


Die Islamisierung Europas ist eine Entwicklung, der nur das bedingungslose Bestehen auf Respektierung der Menschenrechte und unserer Rechtsordnung gegengesteuert werden kann. Als bedenkliches Symptom aus dem islamistischen Lager ist die sogenannte "Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights" des "Islamic Council" London zu werten. In dieser angeblichen "Menschenrechts"erklärung* ist immer wieder vom "law" die Rede, alle Artikel verstehen sich "according to the law" oder "within the limits of the law". Was damit gemeint ist, erläutert der folgende Kommentar:

Ad "Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights"

Information Sheet on Islamic Propaganda Undermining Democracy

The Islamic Council in LONDON has issued the Universal islamic declaration of rights on the 21st Dhul Quaidah 1401 i.e. 19th September 1981 and herewith proposes to have declared human rights along the lines of Human Rights as proposed by United Nations and furthermore declares that human rights are the basis of Islamic thought and behaviour.

The declaration states that the Islam gave mankind an ideal code of human rights fourteen centuries ago. On the front page well-sounding titles are listed from Right to Life down to Freedom of Movement and Residence. Behind these lines, however, the unmitigated ancient laws of the Qu`ran and the Shari`ah appear which is made known at the end of the site only. Reference is reiterated that God alone is the lawgiver and that the LAW denotes the Shari`ah i.e. the totality of ordinances derived from the Qu`ran and the Sunnah and any other laws that are deduced from these two sources by methods considered valid in Islamic jurisprudence.

What is hereafter described as LAW as publicly declared on this website clearly offends the foundations of democracy in all countries for the following reasons:

1. The Islam strives to install Islamic LAW which states that all laws are made by God as based in the Qu`ran and Shariah inferring that laws are not to be made by the people of any given country, furthermore that laws cannot be amended or abolished unless by deduction valid by Isalmic jurisprudence.

2. Thus the Islam does not respect separation of state from relgion which is a basic democratic institution.

3. It does not respect the division of powers into legislative, jurisprudential and executive powers guarding against misuse of state power.

4. The laws are not in line with human rights because their insisting on their LAW. Studying the Qu`ran and the Shari`ah reveals ancient laws trespassing human rights as declared by the United Nations.

Thus the Islam is missonary, militant and maltreating. No allowance can be made between a moderate and extrem Islam as long as the Islam is based on their LAW. It will only adjust to modern democracies as long as it is not in power. Islam is merely paying lip service to democratic rights as long as Muslims are in the minority. When Islam refers to democracy they obviously mean their LAW which differs widely from real concepts of democracy and freedom. Their understanding is that anything is approved only within the limits of their law as put forth on the website of the Islamic Council. If the Islamic Council does not represent the mainstream of Islam, who does?

The Declaration confirms that all persons are equal before the LAW and are entitled to equal opportunities and protection of the LAW. This does not stand for women as the Qua`ran clearly states that a man is a rank higher than woman. A woman does not inherit as much as a man. That is what they understand by equality. This declation is a blank lie and a camouflage of the law behind it. In countries where the LAW is practiced women have to wear the Tschador, the Burka, or at lest a scarf covering their hair which they are told is for their dignity, honour and protection thus declaring all other women not wearing such stuff are without dignity, honour and protection.

The fact is that the LAW is an instruction book on how to suppress women. If Islamic groups deny applying the Shari`ah then why must women wear such stuff as ordered by the Shari`ah? It does not allow women to leave their homes without a male guide of their family. If this was not approved by the LAW why does the LAW not oppose this practice in Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Pakistan and other countries.

Every person has the right to Freedom of Belief, Thought and Speech but only 'within the limits of the LAW'. Thus whoever conceives thoughts against the LAW or worse even against Mohammed or Allah is charged with blasphemy and sentenced to death.

The Declaration points out that in a Muslim country religious minorities shall have the choice to be governed in respect of their civil and personal matters by Islamic LAW, or by their own laws.The people who write such nonsense must be shamless in view of the practice seen in Muslim countries. No woman may walk around in shorts in Riad or Teheran. Women who are found to show their blank face in Kabul are sprinkled with acid into their faces. If anybody is seen drinking a glass of wine in Riad may not survive the lashes he gets for it.
Tolerance is a mutual act. Western countries allow Muslim women do go about in their `fashion`, but women in strict Muslim countries have to adjust to their ways.
Furthermorte the LAW even contravenes the most basic principles of the proportionality of punishment for an offence. For instance the Qu`ran states that a thief`s hand must be hacked off. What else is to behacked off in case of a new offence is descirbed in detail by the Shari`ah said to be bestowed on us in the wisdom of divine guidance brought by the Prophets, whose mission is found in the culmination of the final Divine Message coveyed by the prophet Mohammand (Peace be upon him?).

Those who are not conviced yet about the real content of the LAW may read this:

From "The Life of Muhammad":
"To test Muhammad, the rabbis sent to him a married man and a married Jewish woman who had committed adultery together. "If he condemns them to the tajah (whereby the criminals are lashed with a rope of date fibres dipped in resin) then obey him, for he is a prince. But if he condemns them to be stoned, he is a Prophet and be on your guard against him."23 The Holy Prophet ordered the pair to be stoned: the man bent over his mistress to protect her from the stones, but they were both killed."

The Hadith-sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad
680 The Prophet said: "When an unmarried couple fornicate they should receive one hundred lashes and banishment for one year. In the cases of a married male committing adultery with a married female, they shall receive one hundred lashes and be stoned to death. If one of the pair is unmarried, one hundred lashes and exile for a year.
682 The Prophet said: "do not stone the adulteress who is pregnant until she has had her child." After the birth she was put into a ditch up to her chest and the Prophet commanded them to stone her. Khalid came forward with a stone which he threw at her head, and there spurted blood on the face of Khalid and he cursed her. The gentle Prophet prayed over her and she was buried.

It is known and testified that Muhammad has raided carvans and killed people.
This year a woman was stoned to death in Northern Nigeria for adultery. Her lover was dismissed from the charge for lack of proof. Many other women are kept down and molested in the name of the LAW.

The readers are well advised to read the Qu`ran and the Shari`ah themselves and judge by themselves.

The Islamic Council will shun no effort to talk themselves out of it. From the Islam point of view rationlity without the light of revelation (by Mohammad) of God is no sure guidance wherefore we must fall back on their LAW. Reasoning is permitted only within the limits of the LAW.

Many people cannot do without religious comfort. They need to believe that there is a Supreme Force that will overcome their mortality and make good for injustice in a life to come. Modern democracies respect the freedom of religion and do not obstruct personal views of moral code.

Religions, however, must not profess to be channels of a law coming from God and try and implement these laws against democratic rules. Rationality ought to be combined with empathy and does not require the divine inspiration of any particular religion. The origin of empathy is biological and not religious and part of every human being.

As long as the Islam comes along as a joint religious, jurisprudential and political package it will remain fundamental. If the Islam wants to be accepted by the international democratic community it must abandon the Shari`ah and stop declaring their own LAWS or derive laws from a religious soruce. The moral code of any religion or group must not trespass human rights as declared by the UNITED NATIONS and must not harass democratic principles. The term by LAW as proposed by the Islamic Council must therefore be dropped.

The Declartion of Human Rights as presented by the Islamic Council in London is but a whitewashed tomb.

A dialogue must be maintained where it is still possible perhaps on limited topics such as genetics and birth control without sacrificing democratic values and proper human rights. Where dialogue fails, severe conflict and war will ensue. If on the other hand we beat about the bush and keep on trying to overlook hard facts for the sake of peace at all cost we will bury the foundations of our freedom for us and our children.

This text may be passed on if found correct so that everybody may form their own opinion.
The author of the text prefers to remain anonymous for fear of persecution and terrorist attacks.


Die schweren Menschenrechtsverletzungen, wie das "Recht" der Scharia sie festschreibt, ausgerechnet in die Menschenrechtserklärung aufnehmen zu wollen, ist der unverblümte Versuch der Islamisten, ihrem barbarischen Recht auch im Westen Geltung zu verschaffen. Der Versuch ist nicht nur aberwitzig, sondern höchst gefährlich, zeigt er doch, wie weit die Offensive gegen unser noch geltendes Rechtssystem sich schon vorwagt.

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